The Fragrances of Life

People like sweet mist enter your life,
Materialize into the best specimens of humans alive,
They laugh and they play,
Sing and dance,
Share memories and secrets,
Disclose dreams and regrets
Become as if you were an organ so vital ,
A part never separate from their being.
But soon enough what was hilarious becomes mundane,
What was sweet turns sour,
Your existence that was once craved ,
so quickly turns into a bane,
And slowly they start fading away,
They fade and they fade,
And they completely melt away,
Leaving nothing but smoke behind,
A stench so strong,
It burns your nostrils and constricts your lungs,
Makes your eyes water ,both literally and figuratively,
It hurts and it hurts but you convince and console yourself,
They came from nothing and vanished into nothing.
So true to their nature these volatile human beings.


4 thoughts on “The Fragrances of Life

  1. ouch a sad indictment on human relationships!

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    1. I know, but it sort of turned out sadder than I intended it to be…

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      1. it’s sad but true … so please don’t apologise!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I know… thanks for reading ☺️

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