Letter from a little girl who’s becoming a woman

Dear mom,
From the story of Cinderella I learnt to be kind,
And yes this world can do with a little more kindness all the time.
So you bow your head and move ahead,
Even when your identity is turned into cinders,
Your basic wishes are hindered;
But still you chirp along the birds and smile,
And believe that one day everything is going to be fine.
That one day your prince would find you,
And you’ll have your happily ever after,
But mom you and me know what happens after, because we aren’t little girls anymore.
You’ve been there and I’ve seen it,
We know the grind.
We know that some little girl somewhere is waiting to be saved ,
But she doesn’t know the path ahead has to be paved,
And has to be paved with her own hands and has to be walked on with her own feet.

Even if she’s already tired from her miseries, even if for being kind to others she has forgotten to be kind to herself.
The story tells us that humility and patience can turn hate into love,
But you and I know how difficult it is to love when you receive hate,
We know that we have to design our own fate,
For a hypothetical prince or fairy godmother we can’t wait.
We have to strive to fulfill our wishes,
We build everything we need and everything we want,
And because we know,we should tell everyone;
That our fairytales, need to change.


7 thoughts on “Letter from a little girl who’s becoming a woman

  1. ouch scorchingly accurate … most of those fairy tales were written by men! Maybe women need to write their own, leave well marked warnings of what’s to come …

    Powerful and provoking, well done!

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    1. Thank you…I think that explains why our fairytales are the way they are!

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      1. 😦
        found your vocation 🙂

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      2. someone needs to do it 🙂

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      3. I will try my best☺️❤️

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