My dear friend opportunity

When I was fourteen I had everything planned,
I knew that there’ll be a time when opportunity would come knocking at my door,
I wouldn’t have to wait much more,
I’d packed my bags and was ready to leave.
The time arrived but opportunity didn’t,
I knew cause the calendar had reached its circled date, still no sign.
I waited , prepared a little more,
Maybe opportunity was stuck in traffic, but no worries it would arrive soon, it would knock at my door,
But guess what, it didn’t.
I was eighteen and shattered,
Scared of the size of mountains people my age had climbed,
I was terrified of doing nothing significant all my life.
I was twenty when I realized that opportunity, chances don’t come and knock at your door, but you have to go on knocking every possible door to find it,
You are the one who has to go for the hunt,
Opportunity is not pizza, it’s not going to be delivered to your door.
You cannot just cross one ocean and expect to have a castle waiting for you at the other end,
You have to work with your own hands to create it,
You have to build it, brick by brick,
Step by step,
Construct the base and the minarets as well,
Search every possible street,
Wait at stop signs with faith and patience,
And then get going again.
Make choices ,
Cause a choice cannot be right or wrong if it is never made.
At twenty
I was afraid that time has slipped from my hands, escaped through the little cracks,
Borne fruits to the ones who were smart enough to labour at the right moment,
My worries were useless,
Cause  opportunity neither knocks at your door nor has a timeline for letting you in through its own.


12 thoughts on “My dear friend opportunity

  1. Heyy I really liked your poem! Can we do a follow for follow?

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      1. Okayy, I’m following you 🙂 btw, I write poetry too

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      2. I’m following you too… would soon read some of your poetry!

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      3. Sure! Thank you 💞💞

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  2. I see a huge chunk of truth in your words! Wishing you all the best for your poetic journey 💐

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  3. Hi, I’m Markie. I enjoyed your poem! I like how you refer to opportunity as an entity; and you address concerns that most people have had.

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    1. Hey Markie! Thank you so much…I am glad you liked the poem☺️


  4. I love this flow of consciousness and your last line says it all … profound and entertaining!

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    1. Thank you so much ☺️❤️

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      1. you are most welcome 🙂

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