Happy New Year

How are y’all doing folks!
We’ve come at the end of a crazy year, well this one was actually crazy. And as a lot of us are awaiting the new year with mixed feelings I’d write a little something for my skeptical friends, so if you are one keep reading. And if you aren’t, then too keep reading, you might get more reasons to be cheerful about 😉
I want you all to start this year by counting the blessing of the previous year. Wow! What a tough task…trust me it’s not! Even if it is, there’s nothing wrong with trying, right?
I’ve seen people around me crib and complain at every new years eve that how horrible the year was and let’s wish that this one’s better and then repeating the same thing all over again the next year. I guess all of us did that for 2020 too, didn’t we? Gosh…
So this year I want you to break this chain by counting your blessings, write it down if you want to, share it with your loved ones and spread good cheer. And you’ll surely feel it too.
My dear readers you all are my blessings for this year, I really appreciate every like and comment and every reader I have. Thank you for stopping by. It encourages me to continue writing.
I wish you all dream big dreams and think happy thoughts. May all of you fulfill your new year resolutions and not wait for 1st Jan to begin them:p
Happy new year friends! And I am wishing you all today because, why wait for a date to celebrate.
Happy New Year 

Lots of love,



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