And Reality goes on..

My mother says she likes funny movies, romance and strong emotions,
Movies which are a touch away from reality,
Stories of happy endings and never ending optimism,
Stories where the stars always manage to align themselves right somehow, somewhere, sometime.
So we create art.
We create realities different from the one that exists to fascinate people, to make them smile,
To fill our pockets with  what we earn out of selling hope and sometimes what we earn out of selling magic and faith and patience.
We create worlds which are so beautiful that one wants them to be real,
Like Hogwarts and the Diagon Alley,
All of us waiting for Hagrid to show up at our doorstep to deal with the Dursleys of our life.
Waiting for a fairy godmother to turn everything we have into everything we wish for.
For people so sweet, you’ll feel they consume sugar syrup instead of water,
Of being transported into a land of unicorns who take out everything toxic from your life with their magic horn.
We the group of dreamers wait and watch, while the reality being whatever it is….goes on.


3 thoughts on “And Reality goes on..

  1. wow so many prefer reality sugared down .. we are all at different degrees of spiritual maturity. It takes a very strong person to deal with reality but we need to allow others their dreams and hopes …

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