Book review- To kill a Mockingbird

To kill a Mockingbird

by Harper Lee

To kill a Mockingbird is a beautiful story by Harper Lee. Now, what fascinated me the most about this book was it’s title. It is open to so many interpretations! Maybe you all can write yours in the comments below, but anyway.

The story is narrated by a five year old girl called Scout Finch. She is brave, curious and straightforward. Traits which were considered horrendous for a girl in her day and age. But that doesn’t unnerve Scout ,she does what she wants, questions authority but also accepts her follies like a good sport.

The book revolves around the Finch siblings(Scout and her brother), and their curiosity about Boo Radley, their neighbor who hasn’t come out of his house for years. Now, such a thing would definitely not go unnoticed, and it doesn’t. Also, unsurprisingly enough Boo Radley’s continued quarantine (painful word I know, but please bear with my lack of a better word) has sparked a plethora of wild rumours. These rumours are wild enough to ignite anyone’s imagination, let alone a little kid’s. And with Jem and Scout having nothing better to do for their summer break, with an inquisitive little friend at their hand they set out to find the truth during their playtime meanderings with  Dill. Well, I wouldn’t disclose if their plans were successful or not, but their adventures are definitely worth a read.

To kill a Mockingbird is a unique account of racism, humanity, growing up and beliefs that unite us as human beings, In spite of our race, class or social customs. All of the above swathed in Scout’s innocence. That’s why they say, “It’s a sin to kill a Mockingbird,…….”
You’ll know why when you read the book.


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