The art of being repetitive

Something I have been blamed for gazillions of times,
It was that story that I told them twice, maybe thrice,
Ideas that I have shared a million times,
Wrote poems on a single subject as many times as the earth has revolved around the sun,
A line that keeps showing up on my essays, my conversations again and again as if it were the name of god.

I know you are tired of it,
Or just bored of listening to me,
But hear me out just one more time,
I am repetitive,
I am repetitive,
Because maybe I want that idea, that story to be ingrained deep inside your head, your heart,
Maybe I think you did not hear me out the first time,
Maybe my joke was funny, and no harm in laughing one more time, right?
Or just maybe I want to talk, but have nothing else to say.


2 thoughts on “The art of being repetitive

  1. ouch so deeply profound … how many of us are caught in this cycle!

    Liked by 1 person

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